Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board

The perfect Valentine’s Day celebration can happen at home with this elegant (but easy!) love themed charcuterie board.

valentine's day themed charcuterie board

Valentine’s Day themed charcuterie board by Ancient Olive Trees

We can hardly believe it, but Valentine’s Day is only days away! With dining and activities still limited during 2021, many people are struggling to plan a Valentine’s celebration at home. Our customizable, beautiful charcuterie board, can ensure you have something for everyone, whether you’re planning for a significant other, family, or friends. You can fill this board to make a meal, or have it simply be a place to graze before the main event.

The best part? It only takes mere minutes to assemble and can be filled with your favorite snacks. Add a bottle of wine, and you’re done!

How to Build a Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board: 

For a step-by-step guide on how to build this board, and for ingredient substitutions, keep scrolling…

Step 1: Add your large items to the board first!

Arrange your cheese selections and any small bowls you may have. On our board we used a double cream chive cheese from Miyoko’s Creamery, placed a small glass bowl to fill with Ancient Olive Trees Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Ancient Olive Trees Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar.

We think a white cheese looks best with the aesthetic of the board and also recommend:

Brie, mozzarella, goat cheese, white cheddar. Serving dairy-free grazers? Look into Miyoko’s vegan cheeses – they have an elevated look (and taste).

Extra Virgin Olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles held above a valentines day charcuterie board

For the small bowls we, of course, love dipping into EVOO and balsamic. You could also add small bowls of nuts (cashews would look good), a creamy dip, chocolate hazelnut spread, like Nutella, for a sweet dip.

Step 2: Place meats

Again, we tried to think about colors! We choose meats with vibrant red and muted pink tones – pepperoni and prosciutto.

To make your meats look good, consider rolling them, fanning them out (like we did with the pepperoni), or ruffling them (like we did with the prosciutto). Rolled meats can look like roses – which would be a fun addition to this board.

You could also use salami, ham, mortadella or spicy chorizo.

Step 3: Fill in with Fruits & Veggies

Pink and red charcuterie board

Add red fruit like raspberries and strawberries

Adding fruit is a great way to bring in the sweet flavors associated with Valentine’s Day indulging, and they also make your boards really pop! We chose vibrant red berries: strawberries and raspberries. You could also add pomegranates, tomatoes or red bellpeppers. Dried fruit, like dried strawberry, also works well!

Step 4: Place your Carbs 😉 

We used entertainment crackers and sliced baguette. We chose options with white, soft yellow coloring to not distract from the vibrancy of the board. Fan out your crackers and bread for a more sophisticated look.

Step 5: Add Sweets 

Love themed charcuterie Board

Add sweets like dark chocolate hearts and pink candies

There are infinite Valentine’s Day sweets that can be added to your board! We like using Godiva’s dark chocolate hearts, and Unreal’s pink chocolate covered peanuts. We also added Rolos for a touch of gold shimmer, and white chocolate covered pretzels to bring some light colors into the board.

Local bakeries always carry Valentine’s Day treats – we liked the look of adding heart shaped cookies around the board.

Alternative sweets you can use: chocolate covered strawberries (again, check your local bakery!), pink and red starbursts, pink and red M&Ms or Skittles, conversation hearts, red vines, animal crackers… so many options!

Step 6: The finishing touches 

valentines day at home

Finishing touches help your board look polished and pretty

Have a few extra moments to plan your board?

Consider adding a bouquet of flowers next to your board. Alternatively, if someone has brought you flowers, pop off a few blooms from their stems and place them on your board.

If you have a sturdier cheese, carve a few pieces into heart shapes, or use a heart shaped cookie cutter, and sprinkle around the edge of your board.

Place a few raspberries on top of your cheese to help disperse the color across the board.

Pour some wine!

Let us know if you make a Valentine’s Day charcuterie board! We know this will be a hit! 


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